Home is where the smart is

Meet Holly. The first low-cost home automation platform designed to provide care at home.

Connecting you with your home

Holly provides convenience and independence through a deep learning analytics engine.


Holly works with multiple passive sensors which provide it with data.


Holly intelligently processes data from sensors and learns the behaviour of residents.


Holly provides intelligent reminders and can notify appropriate contacts in the event of an anomaly.

How can Holly help?

Hydration Reminders

Smart reminders based on temperature and humidity both inside and outside the home.

Fall Detection

Detection of anomalies in wet area of the home where falls are likely.

Home Security

Security system that turns automatically turns on/off based on occupancy of home.

Night Light

Provides a dim light at night based on a recurring movement path (e.g. use of toilet)

Prescription Reminders

Configurable reminders that repeat multiple times if medication is not taken.

Wellbeing Record

Automatic analysis of routine that is shown as a well being report to assist carers.

More apps coming soon...

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